Creating a New File

Perspective Cameras, Lights, Sun: Check the items to export.
Perspectives Cameras: All cameras created in ARCHICAD will appear on Artlantis’s Perspectives Inspector List.
Lights*: All lamps inserted into the ARCHICAD project will appear on Artlantis’s Lights Inspector List.
Sun*: The heliodon (geographical position, date and time) will appear on Artlantis’s Heliodons Inspector List.
Unique Layer: If this is checked, all the ARCHICAD layers are exported into a single layer to Artlantis. If unchecked, all the ARCHICAD layers will be recovered into the Layers list of the Artlantis Objects Inspector.
*Note: If the Lights or Sun controls are disabled on the export dialog, open the ARCHICAD PhotoRendering Settings dialog box (Document > Creative Imaging), activate the Internal Rendering Engine and switch ON the appropriate light source.
Wall, Roof, Slab, Others*: Textures associated with the ARCHICAD materials will be exported.
*Note: The Others option includes all ARCHICAD tools such as Column, Beam, Stair, Door, Window, as well as Mesh and Object.
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