Sketch Window

Select the entire line contour with the Arrow tool (Figs. 2 and 3).
Group the selected line contour by choosing the Grouping > Group command in the Edit menu.
Note: The contour lines must be a group of lines. It cannot be a single polyline. Explode polyline to make it a group of lines.
Now select the entire window sketch with the Arrow tool. Choose the ArchiGlazing command in the Design/Design Extras menu and click on the Sketch Window tool.
In the Sketch Window dialog box, specify the remaining parameters for the desired window.
Under Save as, select the ARCHICAD object type (Object, Window or Door) and the folder location and choose a name for the new window.
Note: The choice you make here affects the behavior of the structure. Window and Door type elements can only be placed into walls and will create an opening there. Object type elements can be placed independently, they do not create an opening in a wall, will be listed as objects (and not as windows or doors) in calculations and can only be opened with the Object tool.
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