ARCHICAD’s Window tool meets the needs of the architect when selecting and placing traditional window styles. The parametric quality of the window objects supplied with the standard ARCHICAD library also allows the definition of a large range of individual types of glass structures.

ArchiGlazing was developed to fulfill special needs, for instance when it is impossible to create the desired glass structure using the Window tool due to complicated geometry. It offers tools for upright, tilted, opening, façade and greenhouse glazing, and for creating sketches.

ArchiGlazing is an Add-On for ARCHICAD. Therefore, it can only run if ARCHICAD has been properly installed on your computer.

ArchiGlazing is available for both Mac and Windows and is compatible with ARCHICAD.

Note: The elements created or used as templates by ArchiGlazing are Windows, Doors or Objects, depending on the structure.

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