BIMcloud Server/BIMcloud Manager Backups


Available only for newly installed BIMcloud Server and BIMcloud Manager (version 21 or later)

Not available in BIM Server.

Enable BIMcloud Backups At Server Configuration

The Backup function is enabled only if:

you check the Create Server Backup box during the Configuration process, and

you define a path for Server Backup Content during the Configuration process.

See Configure BIMcloud Manager and Configure BIMcloud Server.

Topics in this Section:

How to Schedule or Create a Server Backup

How to Restore a Server Backup

New Backups Created After the Restore Process

Where are the Server Backup Files Located?

How to Schedule or Create a Server Backup

Use the controls on this panel to schedule, create and manage Backups of Servers on the BIMcloud (BIMcloud Manager and BIMcloud model servers).

Server Backups include all Teamwork data: Projects, Libraries, and their snapshots; Activity Log, mail and Server configuration information. For BIMcloud Manager, the Backup also includes Folders, Users and Roles.

Note: Server monitoring data (e.g. CPU, memory usage) are not included in the backup.

Only one copy of each Backup type (BIMcloud Manager and BIMcloud Server) is retained at a time. If a Backup process is unsuccessful, the last saved Backup version is retained until a new Backup is created to replace it.

Backup Schedule Section

Click Edit to choose a schedule for server backups:


Don’t Create: No backup will be created

Hourly: The backup will be created every certain number of hours, based on the settings you provide

Daily: The backup will be created at a set time every certain number of days, based on the settings you provide.


Click Save to save changes.

// Required permissions to modify schedule:

Simplified management: Project or Server administrator

Detailed management: Modify details for the selected item

Backups Section

This section provides information about the status of the last backup. If errors occurred during the last backup, then those errors will be noted.


Create Backup

Click Create to backup the server at any time, regardless of any scheduled backup.

The Last Backup Status field shows you that the backup is underway.

If an error has occurred, this field will note the problem.


// Required permissions to work with existing backups:

Simplified management: Project or Server administrator

Detailed management: Modify details for the selected item

How to Restore a Server Backup

Restoring a Server Backup becomes necessary if, for example, one or more server computer(s) malfunction and you have to reinstall the BIMcloud Server and/or BIMcloud Manager.

You must restore the backup files for each reinstalled Server/BIMcloud Manager separately. You can only restore data for servers that have saved Backups.

See the section above: How to Schedule or Create a Server Backup.

To restore a Server Back up file, follow these steps:

1.As needed, uninstall the corrupted BIMcloud Server components from the machine.

2.Reinstall the BIMcloud Server and/or BIMcloud Manager.

Notes about new BIMcloud installation:

Make sure new installations are of the same version and Build number as the original installations! This is necessary in order to read the Backup files. In case of build/version discrepancy, you will get a warning telling you which Build you need to install.

If possible, use the same address and port settings for the new BIMcloud Server as for its original installation. (This way, the BIMcloud Manager can locate the newly installed Servers automatically.)

The new installations do not have to use the same Project data and Library data paths as the previous BIMcloud installations.

3.Right-click the BIMcloud tray icon.

4.Click the name of the component whose data you wish to restore: BIMcloud Server or BIMcloud Manager.


5.From its popup menu, choose Restore from Backup.


6.In the appearing dialog, browse for the Backup file you need.


Server Backups of BIMcloud Server have the extension “bcsb”.

Server Backups of BIMcloud Manager have the extension “bcmb”.

The Backup location was defined by you when you configured the BIMcloud Server or Manager. If you can’t remember the backup folder location, see the next section: Where are the Server Backup Files Located?

7.Click Restore.

8.Review the appearing dialog to check the name, creation date, size and version of the chosen Backup file.

Also restore server settings (Recommended): By default, this option is checked, and recommended. It means that you will restore not only the Teamwork projects and libraries, but also the port settings, keys, and configuration information of the originally installed BIMcloud Server/Manager.

-Activating this checkbox is especially important if you are restoring only one Server component: this way, the other components will automatically locate the restored component.


9.Click Restore. The Server data are restored, and the Server will start up.

10.If you restored a BIMcloud Server, the appearing dialog reminds you to check that the new BIMcloud Server’s primary address is accessible by the BIMcloud Manager.


If the reinstalled BIMcloud Server has a different primary address than before (i.e. it’s on a different computer), you must add this address information manually:

Go to BIMcloud Manager

Go to the Servers page

Select the BIMcloud Server you reinstalled

On the Settings panel, go to Connection and enter the primary address of the reinstalled BIMcloud Server.

Note: Even if you have entered the new primary address, it is a good idea to add the previous primary address as an alternative (provided it is not in use by another computer). This way, you will not have to re-link external content and libraries manually.

Once you have finished Server Backup Restore, you can start working again.

New Backups Created After the Restore Process

If the BIMcloud Server settings include a scheduled Backup or if you create a new Backup:

Old (pre-Restore) Backup files will be deleted as soon as a new Backup is created, if the Backup path remains the same as before.

Where are the Server Backup Files Located?

Server Backup files are saved to the location(s) you specified in the Configuration process, when you installed the BIMcloud Server and BIMcloud Manager.

See Configure BIMcloud Manager and Configure BIMcloud Server.

To check these locations, locate the BIMcloud Server’s tray icon. Right-click, then find the component you need and click Configure from the available commands.

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