Summary of Rebuild Commands

The View > Refresh > Rebuild command is available in all construction windows. It rebuilds the model in the currently active window.

Additional Rebuild commands in the View > Refresh menu are available if the active window is a Section/Elevation/IE, 3D Document, or a Detail or a Worksheet.

Rebuild from Model: Use this command to rebuild the active window; this will refresh the window information to reflect modifications in the Floor Plan.

Rebuild from Source View: This command is available only in the Detail and Worksheet windows.

The following commands might not be visible in the View > Refresh menu by default. You can customize your menu (Options > Work Environment > Menus) to include these commands if needed.

See Customizing Menus.

Also, these commands are available from the context menu of the folders in the Navigator Project Map and View Map.


Rebuild All from Model: Use this command to rebuild all Section/Elevation/IE windows in your project.

Rebuild All Model Sections from Model: Use this command to rebuild all the Section windows of Model status (either Autorebuild Model or Manual-Rebuild Model).

Rebuild All Drawing Sections from Model: Use this command to rebuild all Drawing-status Section windows.

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