Horizontal/Vertical Range of Section Viewpoint

Horizontal Range

The horizontal range is the depth of the Floor Plan that will be included in the Section window. (Available for source-type Section markers only.)

Define the horizontal range in the Info Box/Section Settings:


Infinite: All elements behind the Section Line will be shown in the Section window, provided that they are not hidden by other elements.

Limited: Only the elements between the Section Line and the limit (depth) line will be shown in the Section window. (The limit line is defined when you click with the Eyeball cursor after you finish drawing the Section line.) You can select and edit the limit line as necessary

Note: The limit (depth) line is a display-only Marker item, and is not shown on the Layout.

See Display of Marker Range Lines.

Zero Depth: Only the parts of the model actually cut by the Section Line will be shown, at the cut location only. (For Elevations and Interior Elevations, there is no “zero depth” option.)

Vertical Range

The vertical range of the project to be included in the Section window. (Available for source-type Section markers only.)

Define the vertical range in the Info Box/Section Settings.

Infinite: Shows all stories of the model.

Limited: The Section is confined to a limited vertical range. Enter the elevation values for the upper and lower limits of the Section. Elements above and below these limits will not appear.

Click the black arrow to choose the reference for the elevation values: to Project Zero, or to a particular story.


Edit Range or Limit Lines Graphically

With the Section/Elevation/Interior Elevation window active:

1.Turn on the Range feedback from the context menu, or using Design > Section/Elevation Range.

//helpcenter.graphisoft.com/wp-content/uploads/ac21_help/03-2-views-virtual-building/SectionRangeOn.png     //helpcenter.graphisoft.com/wp-content/uploads/ac21_help/03-2-views-virtual-building/SERangeCommand.png

2.Marks appear in the Section window, in shades of dark grey, to indicate the horizontal/vertical boundaries and break lines, if any. The grey fill represents the area of the model outside of the Section range.


3.Hover over any mark to display its tag and editing handle. Drag the line as needed: this will modify the horizontal/vertical range, break mark, or distant area limit as applicable.

To remove a break, drag the break line outside of the horizontal range.

Note: Horizontal range cannot be edited in the Interior Elevation window.


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