Create a 3D Document

From the 3D window:

1.In the 3D window, set up the desired 3D view of the model: the perspective or projected 3D view; use 3D Cutting Planes; filter or select elements; use Marquee as needed, or perform solid element operations.

2.Create a new 3D Document by doing one of the following:

Use New 3D Document from 3D… from the context menu of the Navigator’s 3D Documents folder.

Use New 3D Document from 3D command from the context menu of the 3D window


Use a menu command (Document > Documenting Tools > New 3D Document).

From the Floor Plan:

1.On any story of the Floor Plan, set up the model view you want to see in your 3D Document.

2.If needed, you can limit the view using Selection or Marquee. (View settings for the 3D window, such as Filter and Cut Elements in 3D, have no effect on 3D Documents created from the Floor Plan window.)

3.With the Floor Plan window open, use the New 3D Document from Floor Plan… from one of the following locations

Floor Plan context menu

context menu of the Navigator’s 3D Document folder

context menu of any Story from the Project Map.

a menu command (Document > Documenting Tools > New 3D Document).

New 3D Document Dialog Box

The New 3D Document dialog box appears.


Enter a Reference ID and Name for the new 3D Document; click Create.

Note: Optionally, the name of the source view can be set as the default 3D Document Name.

To set naming defaults, see 3D Document General Panel.

The 3D Document is created and opened in its own window. It is listed in the 3D Document folder in the Project Map of the Navigator.

To adjust the content, settings and display of the 3D Document, you can adjust its source view and/or its display settings, and then redefine it.

See the following for more information:

Redefine the 3D Document

Model Display of the 3D Document



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