Open Older (pre-13) Teamwork Files in ARCHICAD 21

(Migrate from ARCHICAD 12 or earlier)

1.Open the Teamwork project in its original, older-version ARCHICAD.

2.After all changes have been sent, all users should sign out (except the Administrator). Then save the .plp file.

3.In ARCHICAD 21, go to File > Open > Open.

4.In the appearing file directory dialog box, select the .plp file you saved in Step 2. Click Open.

5.Share the project to a BIMcloud/BIM Server (Teamwork > Share). As part of the Share process:

Project-specific libraries from earlier ARCHICAD versions will be transformed into Embedded Libraries in ARCHICAD 21.

You should upload the Linked Libraries to the BIMcloud/BIM Server.

See Upload a Library to BIMcloud/BIM Server.


All users and workspaces will be lost! Users and roles must be created and assigned for this project on the BIMcloud/BIM Server.

If the older Teamwork project contained Hotlinks and Drawings referring to external content, these will function without any problems in ARCHICAD 21.

However, if the older Teamwork project was created in ARCHICAD 11 or earlier, these Hotlinks and linked Drawings cannot be updated from their original sources.

In this case, follow the migration procedure described here: Migrate Projects Containing Hotlinks.

If the older Teamwork project is the source project of Hotlinks and Drawings placed into other projects, then those links will be broken when the older Teamwork project is opened in ARCHICAD 21. Thus, these hotlinks and drawings must be relinked manually to the host project. (In the host projects, use the relink commands in the Hotlink Module Manager and Drawing Manager.)

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