Migration of Exported Options Files (.xml, .aat, .prf)

(Migrate from ARCHICAD 13 or earlier)

You can export many types of customized project data from ARCHICAD in XML or other special file formats, and then re-use these data in other projects.

These exportable data types include:

Project Info

Model View Options Combination

Interactive Schedule (Scheme Settings)

Project Index (Index Settings)

Work Environment (Profile, Schemes)

Attributes (.aat)

Favorites (.prf)

Find and Select Criteria Set (can be imported from ARCHICAD 13 or later only)

DWG/DXF Translator

In ARCHICAD 21, you can use these customized project data files even if they were created in an older-version project.

To ensure that the project data is transferred smoothly, it is recommended that you open the older file (e.g. the ARCHICAD 13 project) in ARCHICAD 21, and save its project data using ARCHICAD 21. Then import those data files to the ARCHICAD 21 project you are working on.

For example, if you have named and stored custom Find & Select Criteria Sets in an ARCHICAD 13 project and want to re-use them in an ARCHICAD 21 project, you should:

1.Open the AC 13 project in ARCHICAD 21.

2.Save the customized Criteria Sets to a file (Use the Export command from the pop-up in the Find & Select dialog box).

3.Open the ARCHICAD 21 project you want to work on.

4.Import the newly saved Criteria Sets (Use the Import command from the pop-up in the Find & Select dialog box).

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