Migrating EcoDesigner or Energy Evaluation Data

(Migrate from ARCHICAD versions 12-16)

Migrating Data From Energy Evaluation in ARCHICAD 21

All of the data are retained accurately in Energy Evaluation for ARCHICAD 21.

Migrating Data from EcoDesigner Add-On

If you used the EcoDesigner add-on with an older-version ARCHICAD project (ARCHICAD 15), some EcoDesigner-specific settings were saved with that project.

If you open that project in ARCHICAD 21 and start the Energy Evaluation function, you will find that some of your settings are retained, if the same options are also available in Energy Evaluation:

Climate and Location settings are replicated in Energy Evaluation

Thermal properties, defined in EcoDesigner in the old Model Review palette, are retained in Energy Evaluation (available in the Physical Properties panel of the Building Materials dialog box)

EcoDesigner’s factory-default “Activities” profiles are interpreted in Energy Evaluation as Operation Profile attributes (user-defined Activities profiles are not converted into Operation Profiles)

Zone-Based Model Analysis in Energy Evaluation

Energy Evaluation’s model analysis, which uses zones to create “space boundaries,” is fundamentally different from EcoDesigner, which was element-based. Consequently, your Structures and Openings lists in Energy Evaluation will likely be different (and more accurate) than when using EcoDesigner, depending on how you modeled the building.

Important: When migrating a project to ARCHICAD 21, the correct Energy Evaluation result greatly depends on the accurate use of zones throughout the model. Review and correct your zones as necessary before defining the thermal blocks in ARCHICAD 21’s Energy Evaluation.

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