DXF/DWG Translator Changes in Converting ARCHICAD Fills

(Migrate from ARCHICAD 11 or earlier)

When saving an ARCHICAD 21 file to AutoCAD-compatible format, the results may vary from earlier version conversions (ARCHICAD 11 or earlier). You should check these converted files and make any changes necessary.

Possible Differences in Fill Conversion within ARCHICAD 21

When converting ARCHICAD fills, an option in the DXF/DWG Translator enables you to manually set up a custom Fill Conversion table.

Also, Fill types in ARCHICAD 21 are converted by default as follows:

Image: converted to a solid fill (technically a background-color hatch)

Gradient: converted to a solid fill (technically a foreground-color hatch)

Symbol: if you chose “Export all fills as Solid”, symbol fills are converted into Blocks. If you chose “Export Fill Backgrounds as Additional Solid Hatches”, they are converted into Blocks plus a Background-color Solid fill.

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