Changed Renovation Features

(Migrate from ARCHICAD 14 or earlier)

The Renovation feature (available since ARCHICAD 15) enables you to set a Renovation Status for each element, plus project-level Renovation Filters that show or hide elements by status.

Migrating Older-Version Renovation Projects

Older versions of ARCHICAD (pre-15) did not include a Renovation feature as such. If your older-version project used a layer system to differentiate elements in the renovation process, but you want to use the Renovation function in ARCHICAD 21 instead, you should:

1.Make needed changes to the model: e.g. eliminate the unnecessary, renovation-specific layers and model duplicates

2.Use the new ARCHICAD Renovation feature to define the Renovation Status for each element as needed

Note: When you first open a project ARCHICAD 21, all elements’ Renovation Statuses are set to “existing” by default, and the default Renovation Filter is set so that all existing elements are shown. Thus, even if you do not use any of the Renovation functions in ARCHICAD 21, all your elements will behave and be displayed as usual.

Changed “Demolition” Options for Door/Window Objects (GERMAN or NORWEGIAN library only) (ARCHICAD 14 or Earlier)

Your project from ARCHICAD 14 or earlier may use Door/Window objects that you flagged for demolition. (For example, doors/windows to be demolished are marked on the Floor Plan with an “X”, or are otherwise distinguished.)

However, since ARCHICAD 21 provides dedicated options for displaying all elements by their Renovation status, these “demolition” options in Door/Window Settings are no longer necessary in the AC 21 Library and have been eliminated.

After migrating your project to ARCHICAD 21, you should use the Renovation feature to select and assign a “To Be Demolished” Renovation status to the doors/windows in question.

Note that you can then choose to display your “To Be Demolished” elements the same way as in earlier ARCHICAD, by choosing the Override Styles that correspond to your local standards.

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