ARCHICAD File Types Opened by ARCHICAD

ARCHICAD Projects (.pln, .pla, .bpn)

ARCHICAD 21 can open projects from ARCHICAD 8.1 and up.

You cannot open project files from earlier versions directly in ARCHICAD 21. Please use ARCHICAD 8.1 or later version to convert them to a usable file format.

See ARCHICAD File Converters at

We strongly recommend that you create an archive file (.pla) of each project you worked on with older ARCHICAD versions.

Solo Projects (.pln)

These are the main native document type of ARCHICAD. A .pln file includes all model data and the views generated for the project, as well as the default settings, attributes and library references.

Archive (.pla)

Archive files are similar to Solo Projects, but these include all the library parts, background images and linked textures used in the Project, not just references to them.

For more information, see Archive Files.

Backup Project file (.bpn)

Opening a Backup Project file (.bpn) allows you to recover the last saved version of a damaged project file, provided that the Make Backup Copy checkbox is active in Options > Work Environment > Data Safety & Integrity.

ARCHICAD Teamwork (AC12 and earlier) file formats (.plp, .plc, .pca, .bpc)

Note: To open a Teamwork file saved in earlier ARCHICAD versions (12 and earlier), use the Open Project command (not the Open Teamwork Project command).

For information, see the Migration Guide for ARCHICAD 21.

ARCHICAD Project Template (.tpl)

For details, see Template Files.

ARCHICAD 2D Lines (.2dl)

These files are vectorial drawings saved from ARCHICAD’s 3D Window (using the Vectorial 3D Engine). These drawings contain no model information and can be touched up in the Floor Plan with 2D tools.

Important note: In the 3D Window, this option is only available with the Vectorial 3D Engine – not available in OpenGL mode.

Module File (.mod)

For details, see Create Module (.mod) File.

PlotMaker Layoutbook (.lbk)

PlotMaker Drawing (.pmk)

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