Switch Reference with Active: Access Elements within the Reference for Editing or Copying

Elements on the Reference cannot be selected or edited.

However, by switching the Reference and Active views temporarily, you can select and edit elements in the Reference. For example, you can use the Switch Reference with Active command if you need to paste certain Reference elements into the Active view:

First, use the Switch Reference with Active command (from the list of Trace Reference commands, or the Trace & Reference palette.)


This changes the Reference into the Active (now you can edit its elements), and the Active into a Reference.

Note: This command is not available if a Drawing Section is active and its own Model-based Section is the Reference.

3.Select, edit and/or copy the required elements.

4.Once again, use the “Switch Reference with Active” command and return to the original Active content.

5.If you copied elements to the clipboard, now you can paste these into the Active.

Note: When pasting into a drawing-type window (such as a Worksheet), construction elements will be “exploded” into their 2D components.

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