Quick Selection of Surface Areas

Quick Selection is the easiest way to select single elements which have a surface area (such as slabs and roofs).

To activate Quick Selection as the default working mode, turn on the Quick Selection icon in the Arrow tool’s Info Box.


Now, to use Quick Selection, either the Arrow tool must be active, or you must press the Shift key.

Move the cursor over any surface of the element you want to select. You will note that every time the cursor hovers over a selectable element, it will change shape. Click to select.

Quick Selection works on all construction and text elements, fills and objects.

To temporarily suspend the Quick Selection method while the icon is activated, press the Spacebar with the Arrow Tool active, or Shift-spacebar if any other tool is active.

Quick Selection is active by default, but it can be deactivated in the Arrow tool’s Info Box by releasing the button.

To use Quick Selection on a temporary basis (while the Quick Selection icon is deactivated in the Arrow Tool’s Info Box), press Spacebar with the Arrow Tool active (or Shift+Spacebar with any other Tool).

Click and Drag with Quick Selection

With the Arrow Tool and Quick Selection active, you can drag any element by clicking on it and holding down the button while you drag it, without having to use the Drag command. (With any other tool active, press Shift, then click and drag.)

Note: All selected elements will be dragged simultaneously.

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