Elevation Values in the Tracker

During input, refer to the Tracker’s Z field to check the elevation of the newly created element.

You must activate Show Z in Tracker from the Tracker’s drop-down menu in the Standard toolbar. (This command is available during editing/input.).


If you are inputting a Wall, Column, Beam or Object using the Gravity function, the Z value will reflect the elevation of the underlying Slab/Shell/Roof/Mesh.

See Gravity.

If you switch the Show Tracker control to Always in Options > Work Environment > Tracker and Coordinate Input, then the Tracker’s Z field will display elevation values even if input is not yet underway; just move the cursor to get feedback.

The Tracker can display elevation values in one of three different forms depending on your choice:

from the Project Zero

from the current Story (or in 3D, the User Origin)

or one of the two optional Reference Levels defined in Options > Project Preferences > Reference Levels.

See Reference Levels Preferences.

To determine which reference level the Tracker’s elevation (Z) feedback should use:

1.Open the drop-down menu of the Tracker icon from the Standard toolbar.

2.Go to the Elevation Value Origin sub-menu.


3.Choose the desired reference level.

Define Reference Levels at Options > Project Preferences > Reference Levels.

See Reference Levels Preferences.

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