Aligning Elements to a Surface in 3D

The Align to Surface relative construction method is only active when working in the 3D Window. It enables you to fit elements onto non-horizontal planes when working in 3D views.

Note: The 3D Editing Plane enables you to do the same functions graphically.

See Editing Plane in 3D Window.

Using the Constraint when Creating New Elements

1.Open the 3D Window.

2.Choose the tool for the element you wish to add.

3.Adjust your User Origin if necessary.

4.Activate the Align to Surface Relative Construction method in the Control Box.


5.Click on the surface to which you want to align your new element.

6.Finish drawing the element in the usual way.

Using Align to Surface with Existing Elements

1.Activate the 3D Window.

2.Adjust the User Origin if necessary.

For more information, see Origins.

3.Select the element you wish to edit.

4.Choose the Edit command you wish to execute, e.g., stretch an edge of a slab to the intersection of a roof and the User Origin.

5.Click a reference point or edge to start editing.

6.Select the Align to Surface icon.

7.Finish editing the element.

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