Magic Wand Settings


Use the Design > Magic Wand Settings command to open this dialog box.

When creating curved Walls and polygon-type elements based on Arcs, Circles and Splines, the approximation is based on the state of the Magic Wand Settings dialog box.

With the two radio buttons on the right, you can choose between two tracing methods.

Best Match: Curved segments (when applicable) will follow as best as possible the natural form of Circles, Arcs and Splines.

Prefer Linear Segments: Only linear segments are used.

The four radio buttons on the left allow you to choose from a set of options to approximate curves with linear segments.

Deviation from Curves: Enter a value to define the maximum deviation of the polygon from the original curved element.

Segments Along Arcs: Define the number of segments along an Arc.

Segments Along Circles: Define the number of segments along a Circle. In this case, arcs will be transformed into a number of segments corresponding to the part of the circle they represent.

Segment Length: Enter a value to define the segment length for transformations resulting in segments of uniform length.

Note: If you choose the Best Match method and real curves cannot be created, ARCHICAD will try to approximate curves in the hierarchical order represented in this dialog box.

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