Editing Plane in 3D Window

When you open the 3D window, an editing plane automatically appears: new elements will be placed onto this editing plane.

If you begin element input by snapping to an existing element hotspot or surface, the editing plane will automatically move to that position.

You can reposition the editing plane manually at any time.

During editing, the editing plane may adjust itself automatically. For example, as you drag this roof ridge, the editing plane automatically becomes the vertical plane on which you drag the cursor.


Topics in this section:

Editing Plane Display

Editing Plane and 3D Element Input

Reposition Editing Plane

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Editing Plane Display

The Editing Plane is shown by default in the 3D window. To hide it, use the toggle at View > Editing Plane Display. Note: Regardless of ...

Reposition Editing Plane

You may prefer the editing plane in a different location than the default. You can change the editing plane either before you begin input, or ...