Navigate With the Tab Bar

To navigate using the Tab Bar, do any of the following:

Click on a tab to activate the item

Cycle among the tabs with the shortcuts:

Ctrl/Cmd+Tab (from left to right)

Shift Ctrl/Cmd + Tab (from right to left)

See also Overflow Items on the Tab Bar.

Use the Window > Show Next Tab or Window > Show Previous Tab commands

Note: If you do not see these commands in the menu, use the Options > Work Environment > Menus dialog box to add them.


Each new Tab is appended to the right end of the Tab Bar.

Open View/Viewpoint From Tab Bar Context Menu

Use the tab’s context menu to another view/viewpoint (available items vary depending on the type of view/viewpoint).

From the Story tab, navigate to any story


From an Interior Elevation view tab, navigate to any other IE in the same group


From a 3D window tab, switch between Axonometric and Perspective views

From a GDL editing window, switch back to the Master window


From any viewpoint or view, find recent views created from the same viewpoint.


Click All Related Views to access, in a tree structure, all the views created from the same viewpoint as the tab:


Open a Tab from a Marker

Use a placed marker to navigate to any view created from a particular viewpoint.


Select Placed Marker, Then Right-Click to Open Any Related View

Overflow Items on the Tab Bar

You can have any number of tabs open at a time. If they no longer fit into the width of the tab bar, a double-arrow pop-up appears at the right edge of the Tab Bar.

Click to see a list of the additional tabs.

The last visible tab is also listed here, shown with a checkmark.


Click on any of these to activate it and add it to the visible tabs on the Tab Bar.

Close Tabs

To close a tab, do one of the following:

Click the X on the tab

Use the Close Tab command from the tab’s context menu

Use the Close Tab command from the Window menu

Click the mouse-wheel over the tab

To close all tabs except the currently active one, use Window > Close All Other Tabs and Windows.

When you close an active tab, the previously active one will become active again.

Dock/Undock Tabs (Mac only)

To undock a tabbed item, do one of the following:

Use the Undock command from the tab’s context menu

Use the Window > Undock command.

To dock a tabbed item, use the Window > Dock command.

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