Navigator Preview (2D)

The Navigator Preview Palette makes it easier to locate and zoom in on certain parts of your project, especially when working on larger projects.

For details on these controls, see The 2D Navigator Preview Palette Controls.

To display the Navigator Preview Palette, use Window > Palettes > Navigator Preview.


For 2D Windows, the Preview Palette displays a miniature copy of the entire contents of the current view. The frame inside the Preview Palette represents the active window at its current zoom. Use this frame to zoom and pan within the Preview Palette; this has the same effect as zooming and panning in the active window, while simultaneously giving you an overview of the entire window contents.

If the current zoom of the active window includes a rotated orientation, the preview shows the project in its original view, but the frame is rotated to match the angle of orientation.

See Set Orientation.

(The two heavier arrows of the frame indicate the bottom left corner of the screen.)


When previewing a 2D window in the Navigator Preview, you have the following zooming and panning options:

To change the location of the frame, drag its enclosed area with the Hand Cursor (this lets you pan in the active window).


To change the size of the frame, drag its sides or corners (this has the effect of zooming in and out within the active window).


At the bottom of the palette, the plus and minus buttons and a sliding switch are additional zooming techniques: they allow you to zoom the current view in and out. Click the buttons or drag the slider to adjust the zoom.

At the bottom right corner, a pop-up menu contains options for controlling the zooming techniques of the Navigator Preview. The default is Real-time zoom: as you move the cursor, the zoom is adjusted. Auto zoom will adjust the zoom after you finish moving the cursor. Double-click to zoom means you must double-click or press the Go button at top right to execute the chosen zoom.


Use Redraw Preview if you have made changes in the current window that are not yet reflected in the Navigator Preview.

For information on saving this data, see Save Navigator Preview Data with Project files.

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