Navigation in the 3D Window

Note: For general information on accessing the 3D window, and how to set up Perspective and Axonometric (Parallel) views, see 3D Window.

The 3D window can be navigated using most of the basic 2D navigation methods. The keyboard, mouse scroll button, Fit in Window, Pan, Zoom, and command-based techniques all work the same way as in 2D.

See Fit in Window, Zoom.

The 3D window also contains unique navigation possibilities for exploring the model and orbiting around in it. These are described in the following sections.

Accessing 3D Navigation Commands

Explore Model (3D Navigation)

Orbit (3D Navigation)

Navigator Preview (3D)

3D Connexion Enabler

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Orbit (3D Navigation)

For Orbit mode, choose View > Orbit, or access the same command from a toolbar or from the bottom scrollbar of the 3D window.   ...

Navigator Preview (3D)

To display the Navigator Preview Palette, click the shortcut button in the bottom scrollbar of any window; or use Window ...

3D Connexion Enabler

The 3D connexion Enabler is an add-on functionality that allows you to use your 3Dconnexion device for navigating in ARCHICAD’s 3D window. ...

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