How to Navigate Among ARCHICAD Views

Do any of the following:

Use the Tab Bar to switch among open windows

See Tab Bar.

Use the Pop-up Navigator to open new items.

See Pop-up Navigator.

Use the Window > Navigate hierarchical menu or the Window menu commands

Use the Mini-Navigator toolbar (Windows > Toolbars)

Use the maps in the Navigator Palette: double-click on the item you want to open

See Navigator Palette.

Navigation Shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate among windows:

Floor Plan Window: F2

3D Window: F3

3D Window (Perspective): Shift+F3

3D Window (Axonometry): Ctrl+F3

last Section window: F6

last Layout: F7

You can pan and zoom the window within the full drawing space to obtain the best view of the work you are currently doing, by using the shortcut icons next to the bottom scrollbar or the commands of the View > Zoom menu.

For more information, see Navigator View Map.

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