Tab Bar

The Tab Bar at the top of your ARCHICAD workspace shows all of your open views/viewpoints.
The Tab Bar is visible by default. To turn …

Pop-up Navigator

The Pop-up Navigator is accessible at the right end of the Tab Bar.
To open it: click the icon, or use the Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + N shortcut.


Set the window’s Zoom using the controls at the bottom of the window.
When you save a view, its View Settings include the current …

Fit in Window

Choose the View > Fit in Window command or click the corresponding option from the Quick Options bar at the bottom of the active window.

Set Orientation

Use this function to rotate the entire view on your screen to a preferred position.
See Reset Orientation, below.
You can reorient …

Navigator Preview (2D)

The Navigator Preview Palette makes it easier to locate and zoom in on certain parts of your project, especially when working on larger …

Navigator Palette

The Navigator Palette (Navigator) is a tree structure that lets you build up the entire logical structure of your project and navigate within …

Organizer Palette

The Organizer is related to and opened from the Navigator Palette. It houses essentially the same controls, but has a double-tree structure …