Stretching with the Marquee Tool

You can stretch multiple polygons or linear elements along a particular vector by using the Marquee tool.

To stretch elements inside a Marquee area:

Draw a Marquee so that the nodes or endpoints you want to stretch fall inside the Marquee. Any nodes you want to keep intact should be outside the Marquee.

Define a stretch vector: with the Marquee tool active, click on a node or endpoint inside the Marquee area, then click on a second point.

Alternatively, choose the Edit > Reshape > Stretch command, and then define the stretch vector by clicking any two different points.

The shape of all linear elements that have one of their endpoints inside the Marquee area, and polygonal elements that have nodes inside the marquee area, will be stretched along this vector.

Note: If you don’t want to stretch an element whose node is inside the Marquee, lock the element (select it, then use Edit > Locking > Lock; or lock the element’s layer.).

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If all the nodes of a polygon are inside the Marquee area, the polygon will be dragged instead of stretched.

Stretching nodes in a Marquee area is not available in the 3D Window.

Columns, Objects and Lamps cannot be stretched with the Marquee. If any of their hotspots fall inside the Marquee area, the whole object/column will be dragged along when the Marquee area is repositioned.

When stretching Arcs or curved Walls with the Marquee, their central angle (i.e. the arc/chord ratio) will remain unchanged.

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