Resize (Enlarge or Reduce) Elements

The Edit > Reshape > Resize command lets you enlarge or reduce selected elements using numeric or graphical input.

This feature is available only in the Floor Plan and 3D windows, and – for 2D drawing elements only – in the Section/Elevation, 3D Document and Detail/Worksheet windows.

The Resize dialog box offers additional options for resizing the thickness of Walls/Columns, GDL Objects, text elements, arrowheads and markers.

1.Select the elements you wish to transform and choose Resize.


2.In the appearing dialog box, enter a value into any one of the resize ratio fields. (Make sure the Define graphically checkbox is unchecked.)


Resize ratio: Use any one of the three ways to define the resize ratio you want. (If you enter a value in one field, the other two will be filled in automatically.)

Resize wall, column thickness: For walls, columns and beams, the thickness will be resized as well as the length/height.

Resize library parts: Any selected library parts will be resized.

Resize all text entities: All texts and labels are resized.

Resize all arrows and markers: The size of all arrows/markers are modified.

3.Click OK.

4.Click in the window to define which point or edge of the elements should remain in its original location.

To perform the operation graphically:

1.Open the Resize dialog box.

2.Check the Define Graphically checkbox.

3.Draw a transformation vector to define both the resizing ratio and the location of the resized elements.

Note: Resizing does not affect grouped elements. To resize grouped elements, ungroup them first or choose Suspend Groups.

See Group Elements for more information.

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