Adjusting Elements

Use the Adjust command to extend or trim the endpoints of selected Walls, Beams, Arcs and Lines to a Line, Arc segment or element edge.

Note: It is also possible to adjust Roof planes to each other or to other elements.

See Intersect Single-plane Roofs and Cropping with a Remote Roof.

1.Select the elements you wish to adjust.

2.Choose the Edit > Reshape > Adjust command.

3.Draw a line segment, or click an existing line, wall, polygon edge or arc/circle. The endpoints of the selected walls and lines will be adjusted (lengthened or shortened) to meet the drawn or clicked line or curve. Only those elements will be affected that intersect (or would intersect) with the chosen line/arc/edge.

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Note: If the clicked edge is that of a Slab, the workflow is the same as the Adjust Elements to Slabs workflow.

See Adjust Elements to Slabs.

The Adjust command is available in the Floor Plan and 3D Window, and – for drawing elements only – in Section/Elevation/IE and 3D Document windows, and Details and Worksheets. In 3D view, you can adjust the selected Wall or Beam to a vertical plane.

Split and Adjust Shortcut

A simple shortcut lets you adjust short elements and split long ones by the same edge.

1.Select all the elements that you wish to split or adjust. The active tool must be one of those that created the selected elements.


2.Press the Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) key and click the edge you wish to use for splitting/adjusting.


3.The operation is immediately performed. All transformed elements will remain selected.


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