Drag & Drop

Dragging and Dropping Text

The following possibilities exist for transferring text:

From any ARCHICAD Text Window or from a Text Window of any other Drag & Drop-capable application to any other ARCHICAD Text Window

From any Text Window to any 2D Window (Floor Plan, Section/Elevation/IE, 3D Document, Detail/Worksheet, Library Part 2D Symbol) with the default parameters

Moving or copying text within the same Text Window

Creating text type clipping files in the File Manager

Pasting clipping files into a text type Window

Dropping plain text files into a text type Window (with some restrictions)

Dragging and Dropping Drawings

The easiest way to add a Drawing from an external ARCHICAD file is to open the external project structure in the Navigator, select a View or Drawing in the Navigator, and drag it onto the Layout in the Layout Window of the current project.

For more information, see Placing Drawings Onto the Layout.

Dragging and Dropping Pictures

The following possibilities exist for transferring picture type data:

Dropping a picture file into a GDL Object Preview Window

Dropping a picture file into the Floor Plan to paste it as a Figure

Creating picture type clipping files in the Mac Finder

Pasting clipping files into the GDL Object Preview Window

Dragging and Dropping GDL Object Files

You can drag and drop GDL Object files from the Mac Finder or the file manager directly into ARCHICAD Projects, the Object Settings dialog box or the Embedded Objects folder of the Library Manager.

Dropping an Object into the Floor Plan activates the corresponding tool in the Toolbox and the newly placed element becomes the default element for the given Object type.

It is possible to place several GDL Objects at the same time using Drag & Drop.

Windows and Doors can only be dropped into a Wall.

Dragging and Dropping Floor Plan Elements

If there is a selection on the Floor Plan defined either with a Marquee area or through individual selection with the Arrow, pressing the mouse button and dragging the cursor out of the ARCHICAD Floor Plan Window will initiate a Drag & Drop operation.

The following can be copied:

Floor Plan elements (in module format)

Selected elements on the Floor Plan in picture format (for example, into the Project Preview Window)

See Project Preview.

The 2D and/or the 3D script of the selected elements in text format

3D GDL script is only generated if the drop is made into the 3D Script window. The 2D script of the selected element can be dropped into any other text type window.

Dragging and Dropping DWG/DXF Objects

Drag & Drop is available as a way to download DWG/DXF objects from the web.

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