Editing Elements

Basic Editing Operations

Topics in this section:
Copy/Paste Elements Between Stories
Copy/Paste Elements Between Projects

Move Elements

You can move elements individually or collectively. You can “nudge” them in increments; you can drag, rotate or mirror them …

Offset All Edges

Use the Edit > Reshape > Offset command to offset all edges of an existing element. This function works on:
•all elements …

Intersect Two Elements

You can intersect two selected elements with each other by having them meet at their endpoints’ nearest point.
This command works on …

Align Elements

Use this menu (Edit > Align) to align selected elements with each other, or to a custom-drawn target line, using a variety of criteria:

Distribute Elements

Use this menu (Edit > Distribute) to evenly distribute selected elements using a variety of criteria:
See also the Distribute option …

Modify Element Sizes

Different element types have different characteristic dimensions: length, width, height, thickness, opening angle, etc. Some of these are easiest …

Explode into Current View

This command is available in different forms depending on the selected items:
For Selected Construction Elements
For Placed Drawings (Source …

Duplicate Elements

You will often need to create exact duplicates of a particular element. Often, the simplest way to duplicate is to use Copy/Paste.
See Basic …

Drag & Drop

Dragging and Dropping Text
The following possibilities exist for transferring text:
•From any ARCHICAD Text Window or from a Text Window …

Parameter Transfer

Use this function to pick up the parameters of one element and transfer them to another element of the same type.
Note: Line, Arc, Polyline and …

Element Transfer Settings

Use the Element Transfer Settings dialog box (Edit > Element Settings) to customize which settings should be injected
•when using …

Group Elements

To create a Group, select elements and do one of the following:
•Use the Edit > Grouping > Group command
•Use the …

Lock/Unlock Elements

The Edit > Locking > Lock command locks the selected items to prevent them from being accidentally modified. Locked elements can …

Display Order

When drawing a Project with ARCHICAD, overlapping elements will be drawn according to a specified stacking order. By default, elements are stacked …