Walls and Other Elements

For information on how intersections (junctions) work among construction elements:

See Element Intersections.

The following other features also affect Wall intersections:

Columns and Walls

See Column Display.

The Connect commands can trim Walls to Roofs or Shells.

See Trim Elements to Roof or Shell.

You can also crop a Wall to a Single-plane Roof.

See Crop Elements to Single-plane Roof.

The Adjust Elements to Slabs function lets you adjust Walls to specific levels of one or more Slabs that are located above and/or below them.

See Adjust Elements to Slabs.

Walls can be connected to Curtain Walls using the Design > Connect > Join Wall(s) to Curtain Wall command.

See Join Wall to Curtain Wall.

Relation to Zones: In the Model Panel of Wall settings, define how the Wall should behave in relation to zones: as a zone boundary (delimiter), or whether its area/volume should be subtracted from the zone it is in, or whether it should have no effect at all on a zone.

See Relation to Zones.

PolyWall Corners

When connected to other, plain walls, wall polygons keep their original contour by default.

You can override this default setting.

In the following example, a Single Wall is connected to a Wall Polygon.


Now, check the PolyWall Corners Can Change box in the Geometry and Positioning section of the Wall Settings dialog box (available when a PolyWall is selected).


This effect is visible if you turn on View > On-Screen View Options > Clean Wall & Beam Intersections.

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