Beam Flight Structure

These settings are available if you chose a Beam Structure type for the Flight.

See Choose Structure Type.

Beam Structures are GDL elements: choose a component from the pop-up to serve as the Beam support.


Components include a general Beam; profiled Beam; and Open Stringer (see below).

For details, see Custom Sub-Elements for Stairs and Railings.

Use Open Stringer (Beam Flight Structure)

An “Open Stringer” structure is available from the Beam – Flight component pop-up list.


//     //

Choose Shape

In Beam Flight Settings, choose a Beam Structure shape: either straight or stepped. Profile components are also available.


Below, enter a value for the Beam thickness. Note the feedback in the Preview window.


Beam Flight Structures: Straight, Stepped, Profiled

Beam Component Settings

Use this panel with its tab pages to set the Beam component’s settings.


Beam Anchor Point

The Anchor Point is at the top of the beam: choose Top Left, Top Middle or Top Right.

Important: For a profiled Beam, the default Anchor is the Profile Origin. For correct connections, make sure the Profile Origin is defined at the top of the profile! Alternatively, set the Anchor Point to one of the “Top” options in the pop-up.


See also Profiled Stringer: Special Options.

For Profile definition, see Profile Origin in Profile Editor Window.

Set Number of Beams

Use this control (Style and Dimensions page of Beam Component Settings) to add multiple Beams (up to 10) to serve as the Stair’s support structures on all flights.

//     //


Number of Beams must be set (on separate Settings pages) for both Flight and Landing.

In Edit mode, you can customize the number of beams per Flight or per Landing, as needed.


Beam Attributes and Representation


Depending on the Beam component, set its Building Material and/or choose a Profile. Adjust its values as needed.


Beam attributes must be set separately for Flight and Landing.

The “Uniform Building Materials” checkbox enables a single Building Material for the listed Beam components (e.g. Beam, End Plates, Secondary Support).

Add Tread Plates and/or End Plates to Beams

See also Add Tread Plates at Beam Landing.

//   //

Tread Plate Follows Tread Polygon

//  //

End Plates at Top and Bottom

Add Secondary Supports to Beams

For a Beam Flight Structure, you can add additional components to support the Treads.

Go to the Secondary Support tab page, and enable the Secondary Support checkbox.


From the pop-up, choose and set the desired component.

You can control the number of supports at either end of the beam, using the Add or Remove pop-ups:


//     //

Beam Flight Support, with Secondary Supports

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