Editing Roofs

Modify the Roof Pitch

For a Single-plane Roof:
Once you’ve drawn a roof and selected it, you can modify its pitch in any one of the following ways:

Add Roof Level

You may wish to add additional levels to your Multi-plane Roof: for example, in creating a mansard roof, you want two roof levels, each with a …

Edit Roof Levels

For a multi-level Roof, select the line indicating the Roof level, then use pet palette commands to edit the vertical position or geometry of the …

Edit Roof Contour

The Roof contour may be edited graphically. Select the contour line in Floor Plan or 3D and use the available pet palette commands.
Editing the …

Edit Roof Ridge

You can modify the roof geometry of a Multi-plane roof by grabbing the ridge line at either endpoint or anywhere along the ridge line.
The pet …

Customize Roof Plane

For a Multi-plane Roof, you can customize any of its planes so that its surfaces, eaves overhang, and pitch are different from the Roof Settings …

Create a Hole in a Roof

There are two ways to create a hole in a Roof.
Method 1
1.Select the Roof in the Floor Plan or the 3D window.
2.From the contour polygon …

Create an Atrium

To create an atrium in a Multi-plane roof:
1.Select the Roof in the Floor Plan or the 3D window.
2.From the pivot polygon (not the contour …

Add a Tower to the Roof

1.Begin with a regular hip roof.
2.In the Floor Plan or 3D, select the pivot line on the plane where you want to add the tower.
3.Chamfer the …

Create Roof Level Lines

Note: Roof Level Lines can be placed on both single-plane and multi-plane roofs. However, with multi-plane roofs, make sure you are not using …