Beams and Other Elements

For information on how intersections (junctions) work among construction elements:

See Element Intersections.

The following other features also affect Beam intersections:

The Adjust Elements to Slabs function lets you adjust horizontal Beams to specific levels of one or more Slabs that are located above and/or below them.

See Adjust Elements to Slabs.

Beams can be trimmed to Roofs or Shells using the “Trim to Roof/Shell” command.

See Trim Elements to Roof or Shell.

You can also crop a Beam to a Single-plane Roof.

See Crop Elements to Single-plane Roof.

Auto-Intersection of Beams with Other Beams

When a Beam intersects another Beam, ARCHICAD automatically cleans crossings, T and L intersections of Beams if the Options > Auto Intersection feature is turned on.

If one end of the joining Beam falls within the contour of the other Beam, the end of the joining Beam will automatically adjust to the reference axis. Their appearance in 3D will be “cleaned up” accordingly, provided that the beams have the same intersection priority.


Beam intersections are also cleaned up if the crossing or joining Beams run at different elevations. If Beams pass each other in space, without intersecting reference lines, the intersection will be cleaned up depending on their respective intersection priorities.



See Use Layers to Prevent Intersections.

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