The Toolbox shows a variety of tools for selection, 3D construction, 2D drawing and visualization.


By default, the Toolbox is divided into Tool Groups -Select, Design, Document and More – to make it easier to locate the tool you need.

Besides the standard set of tools, additional tools can appear in the Toolbox depending on the installation and the available Add-Ons.

Display the Toolbox

If the Toolbox is not visible on screen, activate the Windows > Palettes > Toolbox command.

Using the Toolbox

Do any of the following:

•Click any tool to activate it.

•Double-click to open its Tool Settings dialog box.

•Hover over the tool icon to access the Favorites chooser pop-up for that tool.

See also Favorites.

Customizing the Toolbox

Use the controls of the Options > Work Environment > Toolbox page to customize the contents and arrangement of your toolbox.

See Toolbox Customization Dialog Box.

You can store your customized Toolbox settings as part of a Tool Scheme in your Work Environment.

For details, see Work Environment Schemes.

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