A toolbar is a collection of commands and/or menus displayed in icon or text form and grouped by topic.

Displaying Toolbars

To display a toolbar, right-click the title bar of any toolbar on screen to display the list of defined toolbars. Click any toolbar in the list to display it.

Or choose its name from Window > Toolbars.


See also Arranging Palettes, Toolbars and Windows.

Creating or Customizing Toolbars

Use the Toolbar Customization dialog box, from Options > Work Environment > Toolbars, to create a new toolbar, or customize any of the available ones. You can also set whether a given command is represented on a toolbar by its name, its icon, or both.

See Toolbar Customization Dialog Box.

An easy way to access this dialog box is to open any Toolbar’s context menu, then click on Toolbars…:

You can store your customized toolbars as part of a Work Environment scheme:

The content of named toolbars are saved as part of a Command Layout Scheme.

The on-screen display of toolbars is saved in a Workspace Scheme.

For details, see Work Environment Schemes.

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