Quick Options Bar

The Quick Options Bar is shown by default at the bottom of the ARCHICAD window.


Its controls show the current settings of the currently active tab. Use these as a quick way to apply changes among these settings, and to access the dialog box used to set up the relevant options set.


Use Window > Show/Hide Quick Options Bar to display or hide it as needed.

Controls available from the Quick Options Bar:


See Zoom.


See Set Orientation.

Layer Combination

Applies a new Layer Combination to the view.

See Layer Combinations.


Applies a new scale to the currently active window.

See Scale.

Partial Structure Display

Changing this setting applies a new Partial Structure Setting to the currently active window.

See Partial Structure Display.

Pen Set

Applies a new pen set to the model. (Not available in the Layout window.)

See Pen Sets.

Model View Options Combination

Changing this setting applies a new Model View Options Combination to the whole project.

See Model View Options Combinations.

Graphic Overrides Combination

Applies a set of Graphic Override Rules to the view.

See Graphic Overrides.

Renovation Filter

Choose a Renovation Filter to assign to the view.

See Renovation.


Applies a new Dimensioning standard to the whole project. (Not available in the 3D window)

See Dimensions Preferences.

3D Styles

Applies a 3D Style to the 3D window.

See 3D Styles.

Quick Options Palette

Use this palette as an alternative to the Quick Options Bar.

To hide/show the Quick Options Palette, use Windows > Palettes > Quick Options Palette.


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