Template Files

A template is a read-only project file with extension tpl. It contains all project preferences settings, placed elements and tool default settings of the project.

When starting a new project based on a template, you are in fact opening a copy of this template file as “Untitled.”

ARCHICAD is shipped with a default template file together with the default library. Upon installation, the default template is located in the Defaults folder.

Defaults folder locations:

On PC: C:\Program Files\Graphisoft\ARCHICAD 21\Defaults\ARCHICAD

On Mac: \Applications\Graphisoft\ARCHICAD 21\Defaults\ARCHICAD

When you create a new project in ARCHICAD using a template file, this default template is at the top of the pop-up list when you choose a template:


See also Create New Solo Project.

To create a customized template:

1.Open a new empty project file.

2.Edit your project preferences, IFC Translator settings, and set up the project structure and/or place elements.

3.Save this project file as a template: use File > Save as, and choose “ARCHICAD Project Template (*.tpl)” as the file type.

These files are saved to the “Templates” folder, located here:

On PC: Documents and Settings\user\Graphisoft\ARCHICAD Templates.

On Mac: Library\Application Support\Graphisoft\ARCHICAD Templates.

To open a template:

1.Choose the File > New command

2.Select the Use a Template option

3.Select the desired template file.

Note: Template File selection also occurs when you import or hotlink an IFC-type file to ARCHICAD, because IFC Translator files are saved in a template.

For working with IFC Translators, see Important Note on Translators and Template Files

Note: Settings of the Work Environment Profile used to open your project will override Template file settings.

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