Opening Projects through a Network

If the file that you wish to open is already in use by someone else on the local network, ARCHICAD will warn you about this and let you know the name of the user, that is, the name defined in the Sharing Setup Control Panel (Mac) or as the User Name (Windows).

You have the following choices:

Open the file as read-only

Open the file with exclusive access

Cancel opening the file

If you choose to open the file as read-only, you can see and modify the whole file, but you can only save it under a different name or into another location. If you try to overwrite the original file, you will again be notified that it is in use and that you cannot replace it with your modified Project.

You can also choose to open the file with exclusive access. However, you should be very careful about using this option.

There are a number of reasons why ARCHICAD may state that a file is in use although it actually is not:

The person who last used the file did not properly open and close the file in ARCHICAD, e.g., because of a system crash.

You have made a copy of a file that was in use at the moment, and the copy of the file also includes the name of the person who was using it during the copying operation.

Note: If you do open a file with full access while another person is using it, you will both overwrite each other’s work without getting any further warning message from ARCHICAD. Therefore, be extremely careful when opening a file with exclusive access in any situation other than the emergencies mentioned above.

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