Embedded Library

The Embedded Library stores custom, project-specific objects in the project itself (rather than in your file system or on the BIM Server), to ensure that they are always available and editable.

The Embedded Library may contain:

Object files you create and save yourself (e.g. Patch, Stair, Trusses, Custom Object, Custom Door/Window components)

Image files loaded for use as Surface textures or other purposes

Any object file that you browse for, choose and add to this library, including Web Objects downloaded from BIMcomponents.com

Loaded .txt files that function as macros

Note: List Schemes (from the Calculation function) will function in Teamwork projects only if you save them to the Embedded Library.

Click on any folder listed in the Embedded Library Content tab to see its contents on the right side of the Library Manager.


Embedded objects exist only in that particular project and can be used only in that project. (In contrast, objects of a linked or BIM Server library can be used in many projects.) If you delete an object from the Embedded Library, it is gone. If you edit the script of an embedded object, that modification will occur right there, in the Embedded Library of that particular project.

For any selected object(s), view its information below (e.g. Name, number of placed instances).

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Manage Embedded Objects

Open the Embedded Library folder of Library Manager to see the embedded objects.   Use the icons below to: •Create a new folder ...