BIMcloud/BIM Server Libraries

BIMcloud/BIM Server Libraries are located on the BIMcloud or BIM Server, but added to your project. You can add a BIMcloud/BIM Server Library to any project, either solo or Teamwork (provided that you can access the server).

To use a BIMcloud/BIM Server Library in either a Teamwork project or a solo project,

the library must first be uploaded to a BIMcloud/BIM Server;

and then it must be added to the project using ARCHICAD’s Library Manager.

Advantages of using BIMcloud/BIM Server Libraries

Whenever a BIMcloud/BIM Server library is updated and refreshed, this update occurs for all users, both solo (after reloading the library) and Teamwork (after doing a Send and Receive).

Updates from the server occur with “delta logic,” that is, only the changes are sent.

A server library’s contents are cached on a Teamwork user’s machine and are read locally. In contrast, a linked library is always read through a network.

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