Search Favorites

When using Favorites, you can use the search function to find the one you need. Search Favorites is available in all of the Favorites interface locations:

Favorites Palette

Favorites Chooser (Info Box)

Tool Settings dialogs

Filter the list of displayed favorites as you type, by using the Search field at the top. A found item displays its folder location in the info tag.


To return to the previous view, delete the Search term or use the Clear Search command from the Favorites Additional Settings pop-up menu.

Use Search to instantly filter the list of Favorites, not just by name, but also by information contained within the Favorite, including:

Favorite Name

Library Part name – such as for Door, Window, Object Settings


Text values from Properties (does not include numerical fields or name of Property)

Default text stored in a Text label

Use quotation marks around a phrase to search for exactly that phrase, rather than the individual words.

Folder names are ignored.

See also Search for Library Part.

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