Import/Export Favorites

Use the Import/Export Favorites dialog box (click Import/Export from the Favorites Palette Settings Additional Settings pop-up) to import and export Favorites to and from this project.

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Importing Favorites

If you choose Folder: browse for a folder containing Favorite XML files.

If you choose File: browse for Favorites PRF file, or for any ARCHICAD project (Solo project, Archive, Template) to import its Favorites.

The Import Favorites dialog box appears.


For general information, see Favorites.

For any Favorite you don’t want to import, uncheck the box at the left. The “Selected to Import” number, shown at top right, is updated accordingly.

Imported Favorites are compared (based on Favorite name) with the host project’s list of Favorites.

If the imported Favorite does not exist in the project yet, it will be appended to the list of project Favorites.

If an imported Favorite’s name already exists in the project, a house icon appears at the end of the row. You can either Overwrite the exiting Favorite with the imported Favorite, or Append the imported Favorite to the project’s Favorites: in this case, the appended Favorite gets a name extension.

Import Folders: Checked by default. If you uncheck it, then the import process will ignore any folder hierarchy within the imported file, and the imported Favorites will simply be added to the top of the project’s Favorite list.

Click Import.

Delete Before Import…: Under the Import button, optionally choose Delete all before Import to erase all Favorites and folders in the host project before a clean import of Favorites (as selected in the Import Favorites dialog). A warning appears before the delete.


Exporting Favorites

If you choose Folder: a separate XML file will be created in this folder for each Favorite that you export

If you choose File: a single binary file will be created out of the exported Favorites

Check Selected Favorites only to limit the export to the Favorites you have selected.



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