Apply a Favorite

Apply a stored Favorite to selected element(s), or apply it as default Tool settings (if nothing is selected).

Favorites can be applied from three different locations, each shown below:

Favorites Chooser in the Toolbox or Info Box

Favorites Palette (Window > Palettes > Favorites)

Tool Settings Dialog box

For information on Favorites controls in Library Part tool dialog boxes, see Settings of Library Part Elements.

In every case, select the Favorite, then double-click to apply to a selected element.

Or select a Favorite and click Apply (button or context menu).

Text-type Tools

Text tool Favorites can be applied to any text-type items when Dimensions, Labels, and Fills with Area Text are selected.

Line-Type Tools

Favorites of any of the four Line-type tools (Line, Arc, Polyline, Spline) can be applied to any of the other Line-type elements. For example, apply a Line Tool Favorite to a selected Arc.

From Favorites Chooser (Toolbox/Info Box)

This is the fastest way to apply Favorites to a selected element as you work.

1.Access the Favorites Chooser by doing one of the following:

Click and hold the Tool icon (Toolbox only)

Click the arrow from the Toolbox or Info Box

Note: If no Favorites are defined for a tool, the Chooser will not appear from the Tool Box.

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Note: To switch on the fly between the 3D and 2D preview of any Favorite, hover your cursor over the preview and press Shift.

2.Search or browse, then double-click the desired Favorite.

See also Search Favorites.

Note: The folder tree view is not available from the Favorites Chooser.

From Favorites Palette

From the Favorites Palette (Window > Palette > Favorites), search and browse, then do one of the following:

Double-click the desired Favorite, or

Select a Favorite and click Apply


From Tool Settings

1.Open the Tool Settings dialog box.

2.Click the Favorites (star) button at top left.


3.Search and browse, then do one of the following:

Double-click the desired Favorite, or

Select a Favorite and click Apply

See also Search Favorites.

4.Click OK to close the Tool Settings dialog.

Apply a Different Transfer Set

To see the list of the project’s stored Transfer Sets:

Use the Apply button’s pop-up, or

Click Apply Transfer Settings from a selected Favorite’s context menu

The Transfer Set defines the list of parameters applied with the Favorite.

Change to a different Transfer Set, if needed: click on any Set name to apply it.

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Define and manage Transfer Sets here: Element Transfer Settings

One of the sets is tagged (checked star icon) as the default to use when applying Favorites.

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