Building Materials

A Building Material is a “super attribute”, a combination of multiple attributes having defined properties. All model elements use Building Materials instead of Cut Fills.

Building Materials are also available for Stairs, Railings, profile elements, and certain Library Parts (in the INT Library: those in the Building Structures Folder and RoofMaker Library Folder).

Building Materials are defined globally, in the Building Materials dialog box, then applied to construction elements in their own Settings dialog boxes, or used as components of Composite Structures and Complex Profiles. Editing the Building Material attribute makes changes throughout the model.

A number of Element-level overrides are available to allow for flexibility in the display of individual Elements, including:

Element Cut Fill Pen overrides, including background, foreground or both

Surface overrides on each face (including an extrusion override for Profiled elements)

For more information, see Override Surfaces With Surface Painter.


The Building Material combines the following:

Cut fill

Cut fill pens (foreground/background)

Intersection Priority

Fill orientation (if used for a composite or complex element)


Physical properties (as set in the Properties panel)

Use Options > Element Attributes > Building Materials to define, edit, duplicate, rename or delete Building Materials.

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