Add-Ons and Goodies

Add-Ons are small applications that extend ARCHICAD’s core functionality. Many add-ons are integrated as ARCHICAD menu commands.

Goodies are other Add-Ons that are not integrated into ARCHICAD’s default interface.

See Goodies, below.

Managing Add-Ons

Open the Add-On Manager using Options > Add-On Manager command.


Use the Add-On Manager to:

Load Add-Ons from any location. They will be loaded after the next startup of ARCHICAD

Permanently remove Add-Ons while ARCHICAD is running

Control which Add-Ons should load automatically when ARCHICAD is started

Show information about the loaded Add-Ons

See Add-On Manager for more details.

Menu Location of Add-On Functions

You can freely customize visibility and the menu and toolbar location of these integrated add-ons in the settings dialogs of Options > Work Environment > Menus/Toolbars.

The location of these additional add-ons in the menu structure depends on where the Add-On Anchor Point is located for that menu.

You can move this Add-On Anchor Point to any menu location, again using the controls in Options > Work Environment > Menus and Toolbars.


If the Add-On Anchor Point is not part of your customized menu structure, then the additionally loaded Add-Ons will not be displayed in the menu either.


“Goodies” are another source of ARCHICAD Add-Ons. They are not integrated into ARCHICAD’s default interface. To access them, do the following:

1.Go to the ARCHICAD Help menu.

2.Choose ARCHICAD Downloads to open this page in a web browser.

3.From the Downloads page, scroll down to Goodies, and click “Download Goodies.”

4.Select your Language version to access available Goodies.

5.Click on the Goodies installer to install all Goodies from a single file.

Once you have installed a Goody into the program, you can then customize the location of the associated menu commands as described above, and manage it with the Add-On Manager.

See Add-On Manager for more details.

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