CineRender Engine Upgrade: R18

ARCHICAD now runs the latest CineRender version, based on the Cinema 4D R18 engine.

CineRender new features

Reflectance channel:

Unlimited number of layers

New Reflection types

The new Variation shader can be used to vary surface color/shaders randomly across several elements.

The new Parallax shader effect inside Bump channel is similar to Displacement but requires less render time.

The new Light Mapping (PhotoRendering Settings) is a Secondary GI method, for the fastest rendering.

Uniform Surfaces:

Render the model using custom RGB color (extended mode of the white model effect).

Ability to preserve channels of the original surfaces e.g. bump.

Other CineRender Enhancements

The new Thin Film shader can render soap bubble and oil film effects. (Surface Settings)

New Refraction Preset setting for the Transparency channel. (Surface Settings)

Ambient Occlusion can be used to create interesting effects when inverted. (PhotoRendering Settings)

Lens Distortion post effect, for determining and compensating for lens distortion. (PhotoRendering Settings)

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