Library Enhancements (Market-Specific Content)

New developments in selected local libraries only, as indicated.

New label for fire rating, insulation, self-closing, smoke stop

(GER/AUT/CHE only)

Use the new label to display the fire rating, smoke stop, self-closing, smoke stops items in the plan according to the AUT standards.


NCS Wall Label

(USA only)

A Wall label tool that complies with the NCS USA standard with the ability to display several types of Wall ID’s:

ID coded in the name of the Composite or Profile assigned to the Wall

Regular ARCHICAD Wall ID

Custom text

Any property values assigned to the Wall


Countertop element

(USA only)

This element can be used to place a continuous counter surface over cabinets and appliances. It can also contain sinks and taps of many varieties. Multiple countertop elements can be combined into a single continuous counter surface.

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NCS GFCI object

(USA only)

New ground fault circuit interrupter element complies with the NCS USA standard. Its primary function is the 2D symbol, but the element provides 3D model also. The parameter values of the element instances can be included in Interactive Schedule.


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