General Library Enhancements

Note: Some new Library Part developments are available in certain localized libraries only (where applicable, this is indicated in the descriptions below).

The following are available in all local libraries.

Library Element UI Images Adapt to Display Resolution

Images in the Object Settings dialogs were replaced by vector images, for enhanced and polished user interface.

Introducing the Profile parameter type

The Profile parameter type has been introduced to Library Elements. Data of the Profile can now be retrieved in GDL scripts (except Parameter scripts).

Improvements in the Skin List Label object

Thickness values can now be aligned to the decimal point.

Values, units, extra accuracy units and the name of the skin can now be aligned in separate columns.

Option to place the skin names in the first column followed by the thickness data.

The length of the main leader can now be adjusted by a hotspot.

The position of the skin names can now be adjusted by a hotspot.

The „flag” part of the label can now be rotated.


Improved Parallel Chords 01 Object

Two new features in Parallel Chords 01 object:

“Seat” element can now be moved horizontally by a hotspot from the end of the top chord to the connection of the first bar.


Element can have a slanting angle from -90 to 90 degrees.


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