Collision Detection

Previously exclusive to the MEP Modeler add-on, the function has now been integrated into ARCHICAD and its functionality greatly expanded.

A new dialogue allows two groups of elements to be compared through user defined criteria sets, similar to Find & Select. When defining criteria, use saved Find & Select criteria sets to populate the groups for easy comparing. When run, see how many elements were compared, and new Mark-Up entries are created.


Collision detection between construction and MEP elements. MEP elements can either come from hotlinked or merged external MEP IFC files, or else modeled inside ARCHICAD.

Collision detection between concrete and steel construction elements.

Collision detection between elements classified as different product/element types (by Uniclass, OmniClass, UniFormat or any other classification system).

Checking the clearance for escape routes or access for the disabled.

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See Collision Detection.


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