BIMx Export Improvements

Better Element Data Definition from ARCHICAD Model

When you publish an ARCHICAD project in BIMx Hyper-model format, you can use the Info Set option in Publisher to define exactly which element information (e.g. dimensions, properties) should be displayed in the BIMx model.

As of ARCHICAD 21, the Info Set options have been expanded: instead of choosing a single Element Schedule as the basis for exported data, you can now select as many Schedules as needed.

This way, you can divide the exported custom data into several Schedules (for example, by element type). This speeds up the update and publishing process, and makes it easier to manage data.

See Info Set, at Publishing Properties.

Display Architect Credits in BIMx

Optionally add a company logo and website info when publishing an ARCHICAD project as a BIMx Hyper-model. (Define the logo and website URL in Project Info.)

The logo will appear as part of an animation when the Hyper-model is opened in the BIMx application. A user click on the logo will open the corresponding company web page.

See Architect Credits in BIMx.

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